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Made In Baixa


The event “Made in Baixa” promoted the creation of a network area in Porto's down town (Baixa) that I wanted it to become an experimentation playground for the community, to try new systems of production and interaction to boost a locally distributed circular economy: from re-using materials to manufacturing new products, creating new processes that link traditional manufacturing with digital fabrication.



Made in Baixa is an event that counted with 15 participants, between makers, designers, architects, engineers and many more. Aiming to create a space for conversation, partnerships and making between industries, the city and the consumers. In this event participants rethinked and produced local products, using innovative manufacturing processes available at a local Fab Lab, based on a range of topics such as food production to furniture, among other problems.


“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.” - Jane Jacobs

During the event I had three clear outcomes and intentions to organize this event:

  1. Create an open source map that surveys the creative and retailer community located in Baixa, the down town of Porto. So anyone can use local materials or access creative hubs located in Porto to make (almost) anything.

  2. Sensitize the Citizens of the importance and empower them with the capability of locally manufactured and distributed products.

  3.  Incubate  and scale the best project to become a case study of how citizens can have real impact in their city by solving local problems.

  4. “Made in Baixa” became an example of the potential impact of the Fab City global initiative to Porto.

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