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VIVALab is a Creative Hub in Porto that promotes a culture of Education, Design and Innovation based on the Maker and Fab Lab Movement.
A  Fabrication Laboratory that seeks to combine our pedagogical experience, with the technological tools of the 21st century and the Maker culture.


What do we do at VIVA Lab? We work in 3 main areas:

Maker & Digital Fabrication Training programs; Teacher training; School & University Programs, Educational Consultancy; Workshops; Lectures.



Prototyping for companies, freelancer’s and students; Product & Industrial Design; Consultancy; Immersive activities; Lectures and Events.

In the areas of Hardware and Software; Small local pilots and prototypes.


On this creative space of excellence, we can surprise ourselves, collaborate with improbable partners, take risk’s and experiment new things. This environment of freedom helps us to change ways of thinking, visualize ideas and put them into practice.

This urban hub seeks to support entrepreneurs and communities, creating clusters of innovation and looking for local and international talents. Serving as a model for the development of solutions to local problems which can be scaled, replicated and exported globally.

By giving access to a space of innovation, education, research, medium productions, equipped with digital fabrication tools and different technologies to the local community we can foment social innovation both at a local and global scale.
We are open to collaborations and to motivated individuals that are looking to have a proactive role on solving the challenges of the future! Are you up to it? For more info send us a message here or pass by our Fab Lab we are Open...
To be Great, Just Make! - VIVALab
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